lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

Sinde Law, everything for people but without people

Other measures could have been taken. Sinde Law is a radical one. For years we have been used to download anything we wanted to, and now we will have to pay for everything with copyright content.

In one hand, it is true that the music and cinema industry are suffering quite much the illegal downloads, but other alternatives can be searched. People don’t buy music or films because it is too expensive and they can get free. The EU Justice Tribunal on October 21th last year declared illegal the digital canon established by the SGAE.  A cinema ticket can cost even 8 €. If the industry doesn’t want free downloads they aren’t making things easier. They have ended up making a radical measure, without taking into account citizens. Alex de la Iglesia resignation should have made them think in they are taking the right way. A democracy is based on the citizens’ will, and we haven’t been taken into account. 

I think that  anyone of us doesn't want the cinema and music industry  stop producing because they have gone bankrupt, is not in our benefit. But there are more ways to avoid this situation.  There are web pages as where downloads can be made by paying a little bit more than 1€. If there was an initiative in which downloads could be made by paying a very small quantity we won’t be so upset and we be willing to pay it. Even the industry will benefit.  I don’t defend unlimited free downloads, but neither measures which are against my consumer’s rights. What they will get with Sinde Law is the “Top manta” and piracy return, and the creation of social networks and platforms which will evade Sinde Law. It isn’t a good measure even for the industry.

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  1. I really liked your article, specially the beginning: Everything for people, but without people. But are you sure that this statement is exactly like this? Because the only people I see is beneficiating are, once more, "Big Fishes" of the industry.
    On the other hand, I keep on saying what I've always said: if things, yes downloads, yes bought DVD's and CD's were cheapers, anybody would see theirselves in this trouble.

  2. Yrene, the point of the title is to make a reference to enlightened despotism...Or may I say Digital despotism? A really ingenious idea because that´s what Sinde Law is. You have mentioned cinema´s price, I will remember another important thing: talent. As a consumer, I´m sick of watching the same topics in different "dogs" again and again. Of course, I won´t pay 8 euros for it.