domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

We, people or citizens?

We tend to divide society into “we” and “they”. We are the people, they are the powerful guys. They are the big enterprisers and media owners and the politicians. For centuries, they have controlled the public opinion and our information agenda. The powerful guys were the gatekeepers; we knew what they wanted us to know. However they didn’t have into account Internet, which has made people more citizens than ever.

Now, gatekeepers aren’t the elite. I even dare to say they won’t exist anymore. Internet is an open window to any information we want to get. It’s an open book in which everyone’s opinions are written. It’s a new kind of glasses which see all the points of view. It’s a gallery in which we can explore deeper and deeper. It’s democracy’s mirror. It’s freedom over all.

Therefore, we are more citizens than ever because we have more freedom than ever. Internet brings us the opportunity to express our ideas, to share them and made them be heard.  Internet has brought with it the most important tool to make this possible, feedback. Thanks to feedback, the media and politicians have the duty to listen citizens. In, fact, they have always had that duty, but now they can’t avoid it. We are concerned more than ever that we have to make us heard, and we want more than ever to be heard. Besides, we want also to be answered and be connected, creating a closer relation in which we and they are peers. Now we know what we really want to now, powerful elites will be controlled by citizens, to make sure they are as transparent as they should be. The roles start to change.

However, we have to be concerned in this change’s era how important citizens can get to be as individuals, not as only people ruled by the government. All of us have to take part on it. We have to make the powerful guys feel were are over them, that we are strong and concerned and nevermore manipulated. Then, no divisions within society will be made; we’ll all be peers, working for the benefit of all of us. That’s democracy aim.

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  1. I like the last two lines of the second paragraph very much! :)
    Internet= possibilities and freedom. So good!

  2. I loved your article. All you defend is completely true! Internet is the new tool new generations have to obtain freedom of expression! And the video is awesome! :)

  3. I agree when you say that "Now we know what we really want to now". Years ago, it was the media who showed citizens what to know and what to read about, right? But now it is the opposite. They have to offer citizens information, and then they decide if they want to read it or not.
    Good article !! :)

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  5. Internet is trying to reafirm our identity as individuals in the shape of civil participation. I´ve just written about it, so if you are interested, click here:

  6. Brilliant topic to talk it about, but unfortunately I think they still control everything. Bloggers hasn't got same repercusion than newspapers or magazines. Beside, there are some countries that internet is absolutely controlled, like China. What a pitty...